Wealth Amplifier System
The World's Premier Guide to Investing in Apartment Buildings


I am frequently asked why rehabbing apartment buildings is superior to rehabbing single family houses. It is actually pretty simple! Apartment buildings are readily available in every market place and few investors know or understand how to rehab them. Apartment building investments provide you an income that pays the mortgage while your rehab is in process, capital for the rehab is easily available, and capital gains tax can be deferred when the property is sold with a 1031 tax exchange.

Let me give you an example. If you purchased a 10 unit apartment building and each unit cost you $25,000 that’s a total cost of $250,000 for the apartment building. Then you use the principles found in The Wealth Amplifier System Step II to increase the value of each unit by $15,000. You then turn around and sell the apartment building for $400,000 making you an incredible $150,000 dollars of profit – real spendable cash! When was the last time you heard of some “GURU” or ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER” showing you how to make $150,000 dollars on a single family home? Imagine doing this 10 or 20 times over. WOW! That’s real money!

  • Simple to acquire – Many owners and banks are eager to get rid of distressed apartment buildings. You can assume the present loan or can use one of the methods found in The Wealth Amplifier System Step II.  You will learn that you can make money without having to reach out for new financing or without even actually owning the apartment building.
  • An Abundant of Properties are in every market place – Distressed apartment buildings are in every town, state, and market place across the country. Within a 50 mile radius there could be enough apartment buildings to make you financial free beyond your wildest dreams.
  • The majority of investors desire single family homes – It’s no secret that most investors are on the hunt for single family residences. For almost 3 decades all real estate courses have concentrated on buying houses, buying foreclosures, and buying houses to flip. Why do you want to run with that pack? There’s just a tremendous amount of money in distressed apartment buildings with much less competition.
  • Cash Cows – The larger the apartment building or the more units you own will decrease the cost per unit significantly. You can finance the distressed apartment building at the lower cost per unit and then you raise the rents to market rents. This creates an enormous cash flow from your newly improved apartment building each and every month for the rest of your life.
  • Rent increases – A $125 rent increase in a house is just $125. A $125 rent increase in a 20 unit apartment building is $2500. Over a 3 year period you made $90,000 dollars more than you would have made in a single family home. Doesn’t it just make more sense to own and rehab apartment buildings?
  • Vacancies – If you have 1 vacancy in a house you have a 100% vacancy rate with no money coming in and that’s a big losing position to be in. In a 10 unit apartment building 1 vacancy equals a 10% vacancy rate with plenty of money still coming in and that is a much superior position to be in.
  • Repairs – You can spread all repair costs out over several tenants in an apartment building. When you own a house and it needs a repair you pay for all the repairs. Why would or should you spend any of your hard earned money on any property when you can have all your tenants paying for them?
  • Selling an Income Property – The value of any apartment building is always based on the income it produces. So, in the example above we increased our income by $2,500 dollars. That equates to $2,500 a month times 12 month equals $30,000 dollars of income a year we then divide that number $30,000 by a 10% cap rate. (Which will be explained in The Wealth Amplifier System) the result of this move is you just added $300,000 dollars to the value of that apartment building and your new net worth. Wow that’s $300,000 dollars in just 12 short months!

Apartment rehab with profit of $350,000
The Wealth Amplifier System is the real deal for achieving true financial independence. Other courses are simply posers with false promises and hyped advertising. If you’ve tried other programs and didn’t understand them or you didn’t achieve the success you desired I will show you that you don’t have to give up on your dreams because of other people’s defective products. If you have been disappointed with those programs then you are well prepared for The Wealth Amplifier System.

The Wealth Amplifier System will deliver to you the most practical, realistic, and easiest way to achieve true financial independence. If you demand more from life and you want to start living the lifestyle you dream of then simply order The Wealth Amplifier System today!

The Wealth Amplifier System is not just the SMART CHOICE it’s the ONLY CHOICE. Learn How to have No Rent Payment or Mortgage Payment thus saving you 25% to 40% of your monthly income instantly, Learn How to Rehab Apartments for Enormous profits, and also Learn How to Have an Impressive Monthly Cash Flow each and every month for the rest of your life! Order now and get a special bonus CD, Full Throttle to Success. The kit contains the best tools and strategies to get you started on the fast track to massive profits.

Get All Three “3” Books for $39.99 (plus S&H)

Order now and get a special bonus CD, Accelerator Kit: Full Throttle to Success. The kit contains the best tools and strategies to get you started on the fast track to profits.


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