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Apartment Buildings Vs. The Stock Market Scam

Apartment buildings are a much superior investment when compared to the stock market scam. Not only from the point of view from leverage, cash flow, return on capital, appreciation, tax write-offs. Also one of the biggest perks is that you could have a place to live in for free while increasing your net worth. Plus receive enormous amounts of cash flow flooding into your bank account each and every month for the rest of your life!

The stock market scam is that you give you’re hard earned cash to some crooks on Wall Street who then in return pockets your cash. These Wall Street crooks are found of telling you that stocks are for the long haul don’t worry if the companies stock’s prices fall today or tomorrow. The Wall Street crooks then keep your money tied up forever with stagnate stock prices. Or they will simply bankrupt the company and take all your hard earned money with them! The Wall Street crooks always have their golden parachutes and live like kings forever while you stay chained to your miserable dead end job for the rest of your life. With The Wealth Amplifier System you can say finally say “Hey con-artist, great scam ripping off the hard working people of the World off! But We Aren’t Buying It.”

  • Tangible Asset vs. Just Paper – Apartment buildings are a real tangible, visible, and concrete asset not just a piece of paper.
  • Authentic Value vs. False Value – An apartment buildings value is always based on the income it produces whereas stock value is determined by other people’s perception of value which then determines the stock price. Worse yet are the hedge funds managers constantly manipulating the price in favor of themselves.
  • Current Rising Value vs. Waiting– Owning an apartment building allows you to increase its value through several methods in contrast if you own any stock then you have to wait for the value to increase which is tightly tied to the company succeeding in increasing its value. Company stocks are owned by millions of stock holders so any real value increase to the stock will take quite a while to trickle down to you. Apartment Buildings allow you to decide how much and when to add true value!
  • Genuine Math vs. Fuzzy Math – Actual math and money you can see, touch, and spend vs. shady off shore debt, fluffed up income, and misleading agents acting on self-interest.
  • Sustained Worth vs. Losing Everything – Apartment buildings sustain your net worth through the income that the apartment building generates but in the case of owning stock you run the risk of losing everything.  Remember these companies?  Enron, Global Crossings, Goldman Sachs, AGI.  Which companies will be the next ones to fail?  Sustain and amplify your net worth through investing in apartment buildings!
  • Retirement Security vs. Questionable Retirement – Your retirement will be protected and secure from the greedy crooks on Wall Street. You can have real spendable amounts of money each and every month vs. 65,000,000 million baby boomers trying to pull their so-called life savings and investments out of the stock market over the next 25 years. Apartment buildings will give you peace of mind and a place to see where your wealth is located!
  • Leverage vs. Full Price – Real estate can be purchased for a fraction of its full cost but buying stocks means that you must spend your hard earned money by paying full price all at once. What happens if that stock price goes down, or that company goes bankrupt? You can clearly see the difference that owning an apartment buildings is significantly less risky than the stock market!

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